The Story of GRIMELIST

"We love Grime Music. But we love to take action too."

Grimelist is a Berlin based Grime Music project with the aim to connect the Grime scene outside of the UK. (What is Grime?)


Back in late 2017 I realized that its impossible to find new Grime events in Berlin. The rare partys and concerts are just randomly listed on Facebook. After nearly missing events I asked myself: "How can I, as a Grime fan, miss those events?"


The Grime Culture and UK Rap in general is getting more attention, but outside of the UK it's not really known, since it's still an upcoming genre. Artists by the likes of Stormzy, Giggs or AJ Tracey went on tour and there were some grime related partys in Berlin too. But how should Grime and UK Rap grow in Europe when its even invisible to those who already like it.



We are starting by listing all Grime events in Berlin and serving as a platform to inform and spread awareness about Grime in Berlin. We want to connect all those who like and those who want to know more about it. Our aim is to expand this platform to more Cities in Europe in the near future.


Who we are?

I'm Robin and I have a computer science background. Grimelist is mainly driven by myself, but there is a full network of developers, artists and people in the Music Industry who are curious about the Project and eager to push things forward.


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